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Congratulations Reaching #1 in Google, Nadia

Pete Semple

#1 in Google SEO Nadia Shalini
#1 in Google SEO Nadia Shalini

Followup: See the traffic increases that resulted from this SEO update!

Ok, the headline's a bit of a #HumbleBrag because Nadia's our client and we just updated her website.

But let's look at what we did to see how a few on-site SEO improvements can help a lot...

Also, be sure to see the very bottom of this post for the most important SEO factor in any website update.

Top Position in Google

Nadia’s site is currently in the top position in Google for the search term, “Los Angeles Makeup Artist” - up from a previous position on page three!

Ranking Above Yelp and Local Listings

With her site appearing in the #1 "organic" positionit means she's seen above her competition in the most visible places - Yelp and Google Local. Google Local being the list of company names, addresses, phone number with pins on the small Google Map at right.

Top Keyword for Her Category

Added new related pages helped SEO
Added new related pages helped SEO

“Makeup artist LA” is the top keyword term for her category and being in the number one "organic" spot (top listing that's not an ad) means she's getting the majority of clicks from people searching that term.

On-Site SEO Changes Included:

  • New pages added
  • Use of related keywords - not just "makeup artist"
  • Headlines
  • Body copy
  • Page title
  • Meta descriptions
  • Photo file names, alt tags and descriptions

No "keyword stuffing"! The one thing we didn't do was use the phrase, "makeup artist Los Angeles" all over the site. We did add it in a few places, where appropriate.

What We Did

Since Nadia needed new pages anyway to flesh out her basic services, we were able to do several things that helped her SEO:

  • Just adding new material to a site is thought to get Google's attention
  • Increased related terms (Latent Semantic Indexing)
  • Added nearby location names - theLos Angeles neighborhoods she serves
  • Made her site load faster

Why We Did It

All of the changes were done because they needed to be done for various customer service and business and marketing purposes.

  • She added more pages with detailed information about her services to help her visitors get more information before booking an appointment.
  • We added copy about neighborhoods in LA she works in to help people doing local searches.
  • And site speed was increased to make sure people didn't surf away while waiting for the site to load.

Because she works in show business in Hollywood, the portfolio on her site has a lot of high resolution images that created more page load challenges than a typical site.

Adding New Pages Helps SEO

Part of her site update included fleshing out her makeup services from a one page listing to one page for each of the services she offers. This gave us a great opportunity to use a variety of related terms and concepts on her site.

"Latent Semantic Indexing"

This fancy term just means using words that go together naturally

The Dog: Chicago Style Hot Dog
The Dog: Chicago Style Hot Dog

Most of the new pages are are decent search terms of their own, like "bridal makeup" and together they support "Latent Semantic Indexing" (LSI) that is part of how search engines like Google understand a site. Latent semantic indexing or analysis is just a fancy way of saying some words and phrases go together naturally.

An example of LSI might be, if your site is about hot dogs, it would be normal to also see words like "ketchup", "mustard", "buns" and maybe "Coke" or even "baseball" or "summer" on the site as well.

Not All Google First Places Are the Same

It used to be when you got to number one in Google, you were there nationwide, for all searchers.

Today Google varies search results much more by someone's search history, their location, ongoing news and events and other factors known only to the Google Gods (and techies!)

So there's no resting at the top and the Humble Brag we started out with is a little diminished.

The Most Important Site Update Is Still...

Although traffic is still usually better when you're at the top, the most import aspects of this site update are that they were done to help her customers and help her business.

The fact that Google took notice of Nadia's site and presented it first as a relevant resource supports the idea that doing what's right for your visitors and business is the best SEO strategy.

Photo by:

Arnold Gatilao

The Dog: Chicago Style Hot Dog