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Google Rank Tracking And Why We Think SEO Still Works

Pete Semple

Do Seo And Backlinks Still Work?

We think proper on-site SEO settings and an ethical and strategic SEO backlink plan will improve your site's rankings in Google.  Here's why we think so:

Google rank tracking results with rank track plugin

Google Rank Tracking

We've written about the rank tracking before (and there are affiliate links in here, thanks for helping us enjoy our Peet's Coffee - Major Dickason's blend, mmm!) and we're mentioning it again because it's important to track what's working so you know where to direct your efforts.

The above email comes to us thanks to a great rank tracking plugin (only $27).

Do Google Ranks Still Matter At All?

Google rankings are not an absolute like they used to be. If you get a notice like the one we got above, it doesn't mean that's what everyone will see.

Google search results have become quite nimble and now include many factors when deciding which results to present to a searcher. The rankings a searcher sees vary by variables like location, browser search history and other things.

And this is fine. In fact it's great from a user point of view because accuracy and relevancy are what make Google number 1.

Variable Google Rankings Are Nothing To Fear For SEO People

There's no need to worry about these new variable search results. Yes, your rankings will not be the same in searches all over the country. But if you follow Best SEO Practices (write quality content, connect with people in your field, put all the right signals in your on-site SEO, etc) you'll notice you're getting traffic for the terms you want.

Another Advantage Of Quality And Ethical SEO

If you spread quality content in places related to your line of work where your potential customers gather, you'll get very high quality traffic from those sources and won't have to worry so much about Google rank. AND your Google rank will probably improve anyway for having a natural profile.

So good SEO pays off in many ways. But we still like to track our Google rankings (a $27 plugin) because knowing the terms that show your site is still valuable information... :-)

Do you agree? Or do you think we've missed something important? Let us know below!

Two Free Images for Commercial Use Sources

Pete Semple

Searching "Free Images" online and digging through the results of sites that aren't actually free is very frustrating. But with these two resources you won't waste time digging through misleading sites that come up in search results or poking through tons of Creative Commons images that don't match your needs. One of the tools is a professional stock image photo site and the other is a WordPress plugin that puts relevant rights-free images into your blogging dashboard. And they even automatically add the proper image attributes! Get free images for from this great site, They even offer free images that you can use commercially.Site with free images that can be used for commerical use

Free Images Terms Of Use

Here are the terms and conditions that they ask you to follow ( Basically all they ask is that you give them credit with a link and don't download and store more images than you're actually using. But don't just take our word for it, go ahead and read their their short terms, it's a T&C that's actually easy to read.

Bookmark these guys and use their photos to make your life easier.

In fact, I suggest you get on their mailing list. I got an email from them today about Halloween photos and it reminded me what a great resource they are. Who says email marketing is dead? Not us. We're on a lot of great lists, we just unsubscribe to the bad ones.

Free Creative Commons Images Wordpress PluginFree Creative Commons Images WP Plugin Photodropper

The Wordpress Plugin PhotoDropper lets you easily search, insert and give credit for Creative Common license images. This tool has made our blogging life so much easier.

The old way was to change the setting in Google Search to only search Creative Common license types for commercial use, and the results were not good. We're finding MUCH better images by using this PhotoDropper plugin.

Order Posts Within Category Wordpress Plugin

Pete Semple

Rather than take you on the long(ish) trek I took to find this plugin, I'll get right to it. There is a Wordpress Plugin that lets you order blog posts within a category and it is the Q2W3 Post Order WordPress Plugin. website for Order posts in a category wordpress plugin

Surprisingly there was nothing in the forum. In fact there were a lot of people lamenting the lack of a post-category sort plugin and one person who had cobbled one together that was too rough to share.

We should also acknowledge (or "give a shout out", as the kids say) a helpful post at Perishable Press, "6 Ways to Customize WordPress Post Order" that gives six ways to do it starting with code solutions, then moving on to mostly now outdated post sort plugins but ending with a link to "AStickyPostOrderER".

We thought we had the answer in hand when we went to install AStickyPostOrderER, BUT in the process we saw just below Q2W3 Post Order WordPress Plugin.

Why did we end up with the Q2W3? Because as Q2W (we're on shorter-name basis now) pointed out that aSticky hadn't been updated in a long time - and - "Q" (as we're now calling him) said he'd rewritten their code to be lighter and with some improvements.

Did anyone actually read this far? I'm guessing you all bailed out at the first link to the plugin. Let me know, leave a comment below...

Don't Update Wordpress!

Pete Semple

Being Up To Date Feels So Good

But I tend to enjoy as a delayed gratification. Have you seen the yellow bar at the top of your WP Dashboard announcing the latest version of WordPress is available?

Do you love to push the Update button and watch as the software downloads the files and puts them in place? Do you get a nice, tidy, "up to date" feeling when you see the message that your updates are completed? Me too! But I'm a total nerdlinger like that.

Resist The Temptation

But over time and through a few frustrating experiences I've learned to resist the temptation to push the New Version of Wordpress "Please update now" link when it first appears in my admin area. Why? Because when the newest version of comes out the changes and updates to the code will have not been tested with all the plugins. Errors and breaks will begin to appear over time as the plugins do their thing and run into new changes to the updated WordPress code.

It's All About The Plugins

It doesn't happen with every update and every plugin of course, but in our experience we found it helpful to wait at least a couple days or even a week or two to update to the latest version for major updates (when 3.x goes to 4.0, for example) to be sure plugin developers have time to learn if their plugins were effected and to release a new version.

I know, it's hard, they make that update now link is so clickable. It's like, who knows what wonders await us in the newest, latest, greatest version of WordPress ever?

Exception - the minor updates (those in the third placeholder - 3.4.these updates) often contain security updates and are minor in nature. Therefore they are important to update wtihin a day or two and are unlikely to have major effects on plugins anyway.

Was This News To You? Or Do You Disagree?

But our advice is to have a little patience because having to turn off a useful plugin as you wait for an update can be a real bummer or worse it can temporary bring down your site until you isolate the plugin causing the problem.

Is this a practice you follow too? Have you had good luck updating as soon as possible? Or let me know if feel that the opposite is true and that it's vital to update right away in the comment section below.