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How To Set Target For Facebook Posts

Pete Semple

Now Facebook lets you "target" your posts by gender, relationship status, education, interested in, age, location and language. It's important to notice that this is a restriction option, not an expansion option. In other words, you can't reach out and find more single people or more people of a certain age, you can only have your post not appear in people's feeds that don't meet your criteria.

Why Restrict Who Can See Your Facebook Posts?

Here are some times when you might want to restrict who is able to see a post:

  • Promoting special events or sales limited to a certain geographic region
  • For offerings not applicable to all groups - products appealing to adults instead of children or men instead of women
  • Specific language materials - guidebooks in Italian to residents of Italy only
  • Regional news or events - update on city council race to specific city only
  • And so on for Eduction (promote grad school or GED products) and Relationship Status (exclude marrieds from Singles events)

Instructions for Setting Who Sees Which of Your Facebook Posts

One has to be logged in to Facebook and find the link to learn how to change the settings for who can see what posts so we've copied them below.


How To Target For Facebook Posts

Add targeting to your Page posts so only the most relevant people will see them in their news feeds. Unlike when you limit your Page's audience, adding news feed targeting does not affect who can see the post on your Page. Hide posts that you don't want anyone to see when they visit your Page.

To add targeting:

  1. Before you publish your post, click the target in the sharing tool.

  1. Click Add Targetingand choose one or more filters:
    • Gender
    • Relationship Status
    • Education
    • Interested In
    • Age
    • Location
    • Language
  2. Click the options on the right side to choose who you want to target your post to. For example, when targeting by gender, Male is automatically selected. Click Male and select Female to target your post to women's news feeds instead.

  1. When you're done adding filters, click Post.

As you add filters, the number of people your post is targeted to will update next to Targeted to:. The more filters you add, the fewer people you'll target. The minimum number of people you can target your post to is 20.

Five Traits of Kick Ass Marketing

Pete Semple

Studying small business marketing online gives you a head full of knowledge, but sometimes your head gets crowded with too much stuff. In the age of information overload it's often useful to list things out as a few key points. So today we've put together a list of five marketing principles as a checklist as you ponder strategies.

  1. Be Purple Cow unique. And be sure others know about your Purple-Cow-ness
  2. Look for opportunities to network and share. Remember, "Marketing Abhors a Vacuum". I think Steven Hawking said that.
  3. Build a customer list continuously.
  4. Experiment, but test so you know what works.
  5. Keep It Simple - especially if you're a small business. The devil is in the details. Don't bite off more than you can chew. Don't use cliches in your writing, etc.

How To Set Up and Use AdWords $100 Coupon

Pete Semple

Have you used one of those free AdWords coupons only to burn through the credit quickly with almost no results? Google AdWords has an easy interface but there are a few settings that can make or break your campaign.

We can help. Let us walk you through:

  • Focused keyword selection
  • Setting a daily budget
  • Geographic targeting for higher impact
  • Writing compelling ad copy that gets clicks
  • Creating Ad Groups (a must!)
  • Test, refine, test, refine, repeat...

I'm willing to sit down and work with you in person AND I have a $100 free AdWords coupon. It's much faster and easier when working with someone in the same place so you can point at the screen and see things together.

I'm looking for a small business client in Redondo Beach, South Bay/Beach Cities, or Santa Monica - West L.A. to give a $100 coupon too and work with for a one-hour session. The charge is only $25 but with a free $100, you come out $75 ahead, and with a great AdWords campaign.

Call Pete at (310) 464-7609

Read more about our Los Angeles AdWords PPC services

Local Social Media Best Use Example

Pete Semple

Local Social Media Marketing examples, notes on bulletin boardLocal businesses have a distinct advantage in internet marketing, and perhaps marketing in general, in our opinion. It's probably easier to gain visibility in your community than across the world wide web.

Is There Value In Social Media?

Social media can be a drain on scare time resources. A light touch, similar to corresponding with friends and family, is how we approach it.

Only in some circumstance do we see it make sense to monitor Social Media all the time (for example if you run a retail establishment and your customers are heavy Twitter users, then you should probably keep an eye on real-time tweets). Otherwise posting something of interest once to a few times a week can be enough.

Local Social Media Best Practices

But here's a great best-use example of local "social media". This small, family-run pizza place n a shopping center in Redondo Beach, CA on PCH has an entire wall dedicated to notes from kids and classrooms and other businesses in their mall.

And who has one of the cutest, most colorful posters on the wall? The staff from the Starbucks next door! The fact that the pizza place owner gives such prominence to his customers, the local school kids and his neighboring merchants gives the place a warm community feel.

It helps too that multi-generational staff is friendly and eager to please.

We think it's a great example of time well spent "posting" and "sharing" and showing "social media" at its finest.