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Three Marketing Cases: Copywriting, PR and New Product Examples

Pete Semple

[Begin transcript of presentation below]

Here we take a look at three marketing examples, two from social media and the third is an interesting case we saw while out and about around town so let's take a quick look.

Twitter, Benefits and Positioning Example

Using Heritage position for old brand
Using Heritage position for old brand

This first example was spotted on Twitter and is from the LA Times. The copy is, “Support years of journalistic excellence”

Well, newspapers are obviously having a hard time keeping up online so I don't know that looking at their Heritage position and focusing back on their history is the best example to use newspapers struggle for relevance in the Digital Age. 

Also there's not a lot of reader benefit other than please support us and that’s sort of sad for a business struggling to keep up online.

Another approach would have been to focus on their shift to the online world and tie it to a benefit the reader, such as anytime online access. Then they could say something like, "The LA times now available on tablet mobile and desktop." Or "Do you know you can access and read us anywhere with the new digital LA Times?" So there's a copywriting example.

Facebook and Public Relations Examples

Using PR in Marketing
Using PR in Marketing

The next one is an interesting PR example. When we first clicked on this the title says obviously "Restaurants everyone's buzzing about."

When we clicked through there was only one restaurant so presumably they're promoting themselves as the one that everyone is buzzing about which is great, which is fine. I think when you click on it now they are a couple of other restaurants on that page and so it lends a little more credibility to have other restaurants around town listed also.

If you want to promote yourself though PR with a press release one smart way to do it would be to put other restaurants on there also that are either not in your neighborhood or category.

It could be a dessert restaurant if you're a dinner place or another completely different style of restaurant or be in another part of town.

If you put in two or three other restaurants and send it out to neighborhood web sites or local news outlets you would give them ready-made PR that has some sort of balance and credibility instead of the "all about me" traditional press release. This approach might result in some good coverage so your restaurant can be the one everyone is buzzing about, and that's great.

Just do it safely by including a couple of non-competing entities and I think this is something smart that feels like real news.

Warm the Market, Be a Category Leader

Warm the market to be category leader
Warm the market to be category leader

This little item we saw in the wood counter at a Starbucks in Redondo Beach, CA. We're not used to powering our phones and tablets and laptops yet on these recharging disks but this is coming out apparently.

And this company, rather than wait until the actual product is out, they're warming up the market and they're teaching people what this item is and to keep their eye out for it.

By doing educating people about this new way to charge your electronics early they're essentially positioning themselves as a category leader in wireless charging and their brand as the brand who brings it to you.

Their name is basically going to become synonymous for that type of technology so that's a really smart way to get started early even if your product isn't ready for market and especially if it's new or disruptive.

So that was really interesting see thing to see while jumping into a Starbucks one morning.

That's it for today but going back to the future with other working examples we find online and now the real world.


Food Pics on Van? A Call to Action Example

Pete Semple

If someone had asked us if they should pictures of food on their van we probably would have tried to talk them out of it. But we would have been wrong. Because with the right photos, layout and background it actually works. Or maybe we were just really hungry. But at least there's a marketing lesson in here somewhere...

Call to action improvements
Call to action improvements

The Components of a Good Marketing Piece

There are many components to making even a single good marketing execution - picking the right audience, a strategic focus, creative visuals, clear copywriting, an enticing offer and a noticeable and easy to call to action.

Get The Right People's Attention

We were driving behind this van one day after a workout, and boy were we the target: hungry people who like Mexican food!

Call to action improvements
Call to action improvements

Then Make Buying Easy

But we had to scan the whole back of the truck at the red light to find out where we could buy this amazing-looking food.

Finally we noticed the logo in the bottom right. Great, but no 800 number? No website url? Back to scanning...

Ooooh! There in the bottom left in a font size much smaller than the giant food photos was a list of four locations to contact.

See below for our suggestions to improve the vital Call to Action...

Food ad call to action
Food ad call to action

Many Things Still Went Right

They did a lot of things right with this marketing, including being smart enough and brave enough to put photos of food on their van. Photos of food are hard to do well even in picture-friendly media like television.

There was a good chance that tacos, beans and rice in foil trays were not going to look good on a moving vehicle. But the art director did a great job with the layout and the food shots and selecting a good background.

The copy at the top works for us - this is for their catering business. "Build Your Own Party Tray - Any occasion or event". Clear that they have customizable catering options.

Food ad creative execution
Food ad creative execution

Our Preference for the Call to Action

A single, large 800 number that could take catering orders for any of the locations would be our preference for this execution.

And a memorable and relevant URL like MexicanCatering or something similar that the target audience (people who order for the office) would find easy to remember.

Make Branding Bigger Too

In addition to a single large call to action (instead of four locations), we'd suggest making the name and logo larger and hard to miss. That way if someone doesn't catch the phone number or URL they can look up the company online.

Now that visuals come up in search results be sure continue to include the colorful logo with name (as it now) so help the searcher connect the imagery with their memory, instead of a similarly-named competitor.

Food ad branding
Food ad branding

How to Maximize Your Business Presence in Google My Business

Pete Semple

Google has FINALLY consolidated their various business listing services into one central location called Google My Business,

Now Tell Google Your Businesses Service Area

For an innovative company Google sometimes does basic things VERY slowly (for example the clunky interface) on Google Plus, and in another example Google has finally gotten around to letting local businesses define the area they service.

Until recently, if you had a local business that serves multiple locations you faced a dilemma of having only one Google business listing (the Google-approved way) that would only appear in a limited area, thereby leaving the neighboring regions to your competitors, or creating multiple listings, one for each location, which Google frowned upon.

Now with Google My Business, you can your companies service area by radius or zip codes.

Google Business Service Area

Using My Business To Get In the Right Side Google Information Box

This question from a reader and our sums up a typical problem and the now simple solution,


Can you please help me and answer me my problem? My company Evershine International is on Google Maps, I have a vertified Google Plus page. When I search my company on Google by typing company name "Evershine International" it doesn't appear on the Google right side information box.

Google small business servicesBut when I write my company name together with word address "Evershine International Address" then it appears on Google right side box. Please help me and let me know why my company isn't appearing only with company name Evershine International. Thanks, Zakir

Our reply,

Hi Zakir, It's hard to know exactly what Google will show on a particular search, but be sure your business is listed in all the places with Google.

Google has finally consolidated their business service section in Google My Business, - Here you can list yourself in Google+, Google Places, Google Maps and everything else Google has to offer. This should make it much easier to fill out all the Google business listings in one place.


See Why Your Facebook Posts Should Have Photos

Pete Semple

A quick word about Facebook posts - and why seasoned internet marketers move to Instagram* - the word is: "pictures". A Facebook post with no picturesThis morning we were going through our Facebook feed looking for posts to share from our online friends.

Once again we noticed that the posts without links or pictures look OK on the original posters page, but almost all branding and messaging gets lost when the post is shared onto another page, which we can see when we see the shared version in our feed (top photo at right)

Content Is Reading :-( Pictures Are Fun!

Everyone wants to publish content but few have time to read it. Pictures make it easy for you to get your point across to your audience in fast, fun way.

As Henry Ford said in 1922, "A picture is worth a thousand words". Wait...yes, it was definitely Henry Ford who said that. ;-)**

What Do You See Here?

No use of drink photo on Facebook postIn this example, there's a really interesting description of the "United Nations of Booze", but you'll be forgiven for wondering why those young men are standing around a table in an office conference room. Pictures are compelling aren't they?

Food and drink photos are as consumable and sharable as cat and puppy pics but unfortunately Cinco missed the opportunity on this one. And Cinco makes beautiful cocktails with square cubes of ice and fresh herbs. It would be great to see that "Balloon d'or Cachaca" drink in its final presentation.

Photos Help Brand You

Facebook post with PhotoLook how hard it is to see the original poster in the example at the top; it looks like message came from Right Hand Planning (me) not Silly Sally's.

Compare this to the photo below with the "Happy Father's Day" message.

Also, Playa Vista in this example made great use of their intriguing hashtags and even put them in a casual hand-written style font that matches the beach scene.


*"Why Marketers Love Instagram, Pinterest and Other Visual Social Networks"



**re: Internet quotes:

Abe Lincoln Internet Quote



Allstates Computers Westchester (LA), CA 90045 - Thanks!

Pete Semple

We want to give a big thanks and recommendation to John at http://allstatescomputers.comWe went in for a simple memory upgrade and John not only did it fast, but he also spent time giving tips on other ways to speed up our Mac.


Thanks for the great tips and generosity with your time!

Allstate Computers is located near Ralph's on Sepulveda in the hallway behind WackyWok, 8921 Sepulveda #113 Los Angeles, CA 90045

Branding and Marketing Examples from Artisanal LA

Pete Semple

Artisan and Craft Show Marketing Examples from Artisanal LA 2014

Artisanal LA Show

This last Saturday (April 26, 2014) we went to the Artisanal LA show at the LA Mart in downtown Los Angeles.

It's a show where local craftspeople show their food and wares including coffee, spices, clothes and artwork and household items like platters and cutting boards.

It was an enjoyable show and we met a lot of nice people, ate some good jerky, bought some infused salt and drank some great coffee.

While there we took a couple of snapshots of taglines and other branding and messaging examples to keep them in mind for the lessons they offer when creating new messages and materials for our own sites and our clients.

Good Examples of Marketing, Messaging and Packaging

Better Booch - Great Packaging

Better booch brown bottle

We love the brown bottle in the old patent-medicine-style that Better Booch uses for thier Kombuch tea. They get $5 a bottle for this stuff and the nice packaging they selected with the bottle choice goes a long way toward allowing them to get that price.

At the Artisanal LA show they were selling out of a very cool small white Airstream trailer. Great branding all around. Tasty product too. We got a sample then shelled out the $5 for a bottle.

However, when we went to get their website for the link here, we saw that their actual site came up 3 or 4 in Google, behind their Facebook and Yelp page, which isn't bad. But we wonder if it's not in position one because they're still using the SqaureSpace domain instead of their own domain. Maybe their site is new and they haven't set up the SEO for the pages in SquareSpace yet. Every page can be SEO-optimized in SquareSpace (give us a call guys if you need helping finding that!)

Willy Bs - Missed Signage Opportunity

Product marketing banner

This banner from hanging above Willy B's booth had us scratching our heads.

What is the product they're selling exactly?

From across the room or when there's a crowd around the table and you can't see the product it's impossible to know what whether you should go take a close look. :-( Bummer, missed opportunity. I think it was hot sauce that also came in a powder form?

Drake Family Farms, Goat Cheese - Memorable and Meaningful Tagline

Goat cheese maker tagline

First, these guys had a very successful booth because they brought actual baby goats to the show ("Awwww!")

And on the marketing angle their tagline, "Where every goat has a name" made it clear they are the humane goat cheese making company.Who doesn't want to support a farm that loves their goats that much? :-).

Also, having the term "family farms" in the name supports the feel of a small, family run outfit, which fits perfectly with the artisan theme of the show. Good product too, we didn't just sample but bought a few tubs.

Skylight Books - LA Bookstore

books store los angeles

I LOVE books so the table full of books this bag was hanging from was the first place I visited upon entering the event. Where in LA is this Skylight Books bookstore I wondered? I still don't know :-( . But I'm about to find out as I look up their site to add a link here. Hollywood.

The problem with this bag is that saying your location is in "Los Angeles" is like saying it's on "Earth". LA is so big that you have to know what neighborhood a store is in for the info to be useful.

Wine club curbside pickup marries online with in store marketing

Online Marketing to a Brick and Mortar Location - Smart Thinking

This example is from outside the Artisnal LA show and is from the Manhattan Beach Village in MB. Apparently this location has a wine club, but as an alternative to slow, expensive shipping, they started a curbside pick up for wine club members! Brilliant.

And notice how cute the sign is that announces the service. The colored chalk blackboard on easel matches the location, the neighborhood (expensive beach side community) and not only tells members where to stop to pick up their wine, but also notifies others that such a convenient service exists. Great going all around!