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Right Hand Planning is a professional marketing agency that develops marketing strategies that help brands build traffic, leads and sales.


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How To Find Local Search Terms

Pete Semple

This is good tool for finding local search terms, to find local search terms

Choose Zip Code and Radius to Find Local Search Terms

Put in your keywords, plug in your zip code, select a radius and scroll down to the bottom for a long list of the communities people are adding to your terms.

This is not only useful for on-site SEO and content marketing, but it's a great tool for finding local keywords for AdWords too. Just copy and paste the list and add it to your campaign (remove any irrelevant terms or city names first, of course).

Bada Boom Badda Bing! Find the top local search terms with city names.

How To Set Up and Use AdWords $100 Coupon

Pete Semple

Have you used one of those free AdWords coupons only to burn through the credit quickly with almost no results? Google AdWords has an easy interface but there are a few settings that can make or break your campaign.

We can help. Let us walk you through:

  • Focused keyword selection
  • Setting a daily budget
  • Geographic targeting for higher impact
  • Writing compelling ad copy that gets clicks
  • Creating Ad Groups (a must!)
  • Test, refine, test, refine, repeat...

I'm willing to sit down and work with you in person AND I have a $100 free AdWords coupon. It's much faster and easier when working with someone in the same place so you can point at the screen and see things together.

I'm looking for a small business client in Redondo Beach, South Bay/Beach Cities, or Santa Monica - West L.A. to give a $100 coupon too and work with for a one-hour session. The charge is only $25 but with a free $100, you come out $75 ahead, and with a great AdWords campaign.

Call Pete at (310) 464-7609

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