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Great Business Book: "9 Lies That Are Holding Your Business Back..."

Pete Semple

"Nine Lies that Are Holding Your Business Back...and the TRUTH That Will Set It Free" by small business consultants Steve Chandler and Sam Beckford (2005). This book is a helpful, quick read packed with examples and solutions to common yet harmful "conventional thinking" traps many businesspeople fall into.

We Were Surprised By Some Of The Pitfalls

At first we thought, "Well, we've conquered these misconceptions already."

But as we kept reading we began to value the examples the consultant-authors provide to unpack the many subtle ways this thinking takes hold and how the resulting harmful behaviors can manifest, including how one's peers can inadvertently reinforce the negative thinking ("It's a tough economy", "Competition is brutal", etc.).

Predictably the examples have a happy ending when the "truth" is applied to the "lie".

Quick Overview - Read More For List Of The "9 Lies"

Pros - Ample real-world examples with solutions that many businesses could immediately implement.

Cons - Is a little repetitive, but at only 210 pages that doesn't slow things down.

Key Takeaway - Get back, or start, running your business as a game rather than work. This separates the ego, removes the fear and opens the pathways to creativity.

Click here to check price and availability on (Disclosure: we make 4% on purchases, or about $1.10)

Click here to read the "nine lies" from the table of contents, and a few noteworthy quotes.


More From, "The Nine Lies That Are Holding Your Business Back"

Interesting quotes:

  • "Time is the new money"
  • "What you focus on expands"
  • "This earth is the distant star that we must find a way to reach" - Nathaniel Branden
  • "Sadness is almost never anything but a form of fatigue" -André Gide

Table of Contents of Nine Lies that Are Holding Your Business Back...and the TRUTH That Will Set It Free

Lie # 1: I just Need to Know How to Do This

Lie # 2: It Takes Money to Make Money

Lie # 3: We Just Need to Get Our Name Out There

Lie # 4: Experience Will Benefit Me

Lie # 5: Lowering Prices Boosts Business

Lie # 6: You Have to Be Tightfisted

Lie # 7: Customers are Hard to Figure Out

Lie # 8: I Don't Need Any Help

Lie # 9: I Am a Victim of Circumstance

Another A Great Business Book

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