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Bodybuilder Has Pumped Up Marketing Tactics


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Bodybuilder Has Pumped Up Marketing Tactics

Pete Semple


I'm not big into bodybuilding. In fact, I'm happy when I get to the gym more than once a week. But I did go online recently to learn a little more about building the muscles in the upper chest.

Legion Athletics' site came up near the top of Google with a long article by Mike Matthews discussing exactly what I was looking for related to chest muscles and exercises.

His article had all the hallmarks of good content:

  • Knowledgeable (authoritative) 
  • Full of helpful and practical information
  • Overdelivers by going above and beyond basic answers to the original search query.

It addressed information I didn't know I was lacking such as:

  • Common exercise misconceptions
  • Details of chest muscle anatomy
  • Little-known weightlifting techniques

That's good content - and good SEO must have got it in the top 5 of page one Google results. 

Make It Kind, Make It Fun

As I read the article and got the information I needed other marketing techniques beside the good SEO and excellent content started to catch my eye. They were simple and subtle and sprinkled throughout the article in such an unobtrusive way that it took me a while to fully recognize how effective they were. They felt like a natural part of the content rather than annoying ads or marketing promotions that normally feel distracting. 

You know those "pull quotes" that stand out in an article to highlight the author's brilliance?

sly Social Share InviteS

You know those pull quotes (above) that stand out in an article to highlight the author's brilliance? Here the author's uses ready-made tweets with helpful snippets of information that stand out like pull quotes and are ready to tweet out.


What a great way to softly encourage social media sharing by:

  1. Making it easy with a pre-written tweet
  2. Placing the tweet invite in the article in a way that flows instead a having a Twitter button on a sharebar to the side

smooth Product Sales

The second technique he uses is also placed in the article in a natural way. Inserted to the left and right are photos related to the topic that invite the reader to click through for more information. 

In this case, the links don't go to the other articles or invite social media sharing but instead take you to a product page.


Even though I wasn't in the market to buy muscle-building or weight loss supplements (though maybe I should be) I was open to the message because I had built up a positive impression of the site and the author through the high quality content. 

And again the message was relevant, it fit in with the content and didn't try too hard to distract the reader by using bright colors or bold copy over promising unlikely results. 

In what ways is His SEO Good?

  • Links - tons of in-article links with relevant anchor text
  • URLs - urls that contain article titles with likely search terms
  • Content, content, content - This site may sell products, but there are a TON of weighlifting and weightloss articles. All likely linked to each other as seen in this article. It's no wonder Google considers this an Authority Site. 
  • Backlinks - I didn't research the backlink profile, but another aspect of great content - and cool ways to encourage social sharing - is that high quality usually attracts many inbound links.