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Branding and Marketing Examples from Artisanal LA

Pete Semple

Artisan and Craft Show Marketing Examples from Artisanal LA 2014

Artisanal LA Show

This last Saturday (April 26, 2014) we went to the Artisanal LA show at the LA Mart in downtown Los Angeles.

It's a show where local craftspeople show their food and wares including coffee, spices, clothes and artwork and household items like platters and cutting boards.

It was an enjoyable show and we met a lot of nice people, ate some good jerky, bought some infused salt and drank some great coffee.

While there we took a couple of snapshots of taglines and other branding and messaging examples to keep them in mind for the lessons they offer when creating new messages and materials for our own sites and our clients.

Good Examples of Marketing, Messaging and Packaging

Better Booch - Great Packaging

Better booch brown bottle

We love the brown bottle in the old patent-medicine-style that Better Booch uses for thier Kombuch tea. They get $5 a bottle for this stuff and the nice packaging they selected with the bottle choice goes a long way toward allowing them to get that price.

At the Artisanal LA show they were selling out of a very cool small white Airstream trailer. Great branding all around. Tasty product too. We got a sample then shelled out the $5 for a bottle.

However, when we went to get their website for the link here, we saw that their actual site came up 3 or 4 in Google, behind their Facebook and Yelp page, which isn't bad. But we wonder if it's not in position one because they're still using the SqaureSpace domain instead of their own domain. Maybe their site is new and they haven't set up the SEO for the pages in SquareSpace yet. Every page can be SEO-optimized in SquareSpace (give us a call guys if you need helping finding that!)

Willy Bs - Missed Signage Opportunity

Product marketing banner

This banner from hanging above Willy B's booth had us scratching our heads.

What is the product they're selling exactly?

From across the room or when there's a crowd around the table and you can't see the product it's impossible to know what whether you should go take a close look. :-( Bummer, missed opportunity. I think it was hot sauce that also came in a powder form?

Drake Family Farms, Goat Cheese - Memorable and Meaningful Tagline

Goat cheese maker tagline

First, these guys had a very successful booth because they brought actual baby goats to the show ("Awwww!")

And on the marketing angle their tagline, "Where every goat has a name" made it clear they are the humane goat cheese making company.Who doesn't want to support a farm that loves their goats that much? :-).

Also, having the term "family farms" in the name supports the feel of a small, family run outfit, which fits perfectly with the artisan theme of the show. Good product too, we didn't just sample but bought a few tubs.

Skylight Books - LA Bookstore

books store los angeles

I LOVE books so the table full of books this bag was hanging from was the first place I visited upon entering the event. Where in LA is this Skylight Books bookstore I wondered? I still don't know :-( . But I'm about to find out as I look up their site to add a link here. Hollywood.

The problem with this bag is that saying your location is in "Los Angeles" is like saying it's on "Earth". LA is so big that you have to know what neighborhood a store is in for the info to be useful.

Wine club curbside pickup marries online with in store marketing

Online Marketing to a Brick and Mortar Location - Smart Thinking

This example is from outside the Artisnal LA show and is from the Manhattan Beach Village in MB. Apparently this location has a wine club, but as an alternative to slow, expensive shipping, they started a curbside pick up for wine club members! Brilliant.

And notice how cute the sign is that announces the service. The colored chalk blackboard on easel matches the location, the neighborhood (expensive beach side community) and not only tells members where to stop to pick up their wine, but also notifies others that such a convenient service exists. Great going all around!