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An Open Letter To An Internet Marketer

Pete Semple

This is my reply to someone looking to make money online. Since I'd already written it out I thought I'd share it with others online. Hopefully you'll find some helpful information and resources. Hello,

Thanks for the reply. I'm glad you found the DIY SEO Guide useful. There is a TON of info on sites like but it can be overwhelming.

So let's get down to the basics. I'm going to recommend you spend some money here. Not all of it with me.

You can try it the free way BUT it will cost you WAY more time than it's worth. There are a lot of questionable products out there, without a doubt. I want you to avoid them. But don't spend nothing, That hurts too. Use your best judgement...

You want to get into an e-commerce business. It all starts with KEYWORDS. My suggestion is to first find out what people are looking for, then go plant a site where you'll have a chance of being seen.

Sale-able Product -> Keywords -> on-site and off-site SEO = income.

Chances are there's a lot of competition for the best keywords in your field. HOWEVER, you can skirt around the obvious keywords to find the hidden gems.

The FREE way - Google Keywords Tool - - This will tell you Volume and CPC, but it WON'T tell you Rankability (what are the chances you can actually be ranked for that term?)

BTW - You'll need to figure if you're trying to be seen by people already IN Thailand (locals or tourists on their mobiles) or from people yet to leave like folks in the US or the UK. Or maybe these are basic sales sites anyone can lookup and buy…

We also use this tool to find great keywords FAST (or "super fast", as we say in L.A.).

They have some agonizing retail choices from free to a $97 one-time payment. Try the free version first, right? But if that doesn't work out, the software is worth $97 because with it you can perform a wide search fast. Then simply download it as a CSV to sort it.


You'll likely see that there are some HUGE search volumes for words tied directly to your product or service. But don't put up those pages yet! There's one more step...

Those keywords are likely taken. Instead plug those keywords into Alex's Keyword Competition Analyzer.

I wish I had bought the right tools in the beginning. I fell for a lot of push-button plugins sold as WSOs that did nothing for me. Hopefully you see that this process makes sense - "Sale-able Product -> Keywords -> on-site and off-site SEO = income."

We've seen WSO's that offer to put money in your account - for a sign up form! Um, Don't you need a good product and traffic first, before you're going to get rich from sign ups?? Yes, you do.

Alex updates the Keyword Competition Analyzer, often and he sometimes even answers support emails himself. You won't be frustrated if you buy this. It works. I use it to find opportunities for clients all the time.

So now you have found your keywords!

  • Write good copy.
  • Capture email addresses with an optin form and Aweber - this is my affiliate link. Their service is only $19 a month.
  • Every email service, AWeber, mailchimp, GetResponse - they all have crap optin forms. Go to "Warriors for hire" and buy good ones. On my site you can see one I bought on Fiverr. It's not great. And because it was on Fiverr, there were no revisions. So, think about what you are paying for…
  • You want to build a list. Getting traffic is a bear. Offer value and get those visitors to sign up!!
  • Don't look to get-rich-quick sites and keywords and products. Marketing and sales are HARD. Internet marketing is the same as real life - have a good product you love, or don't expect riches, right?? There's no easy money.

Let's stay in touch and keep talking. I'm sure you are working hard to make this happen. Friends and family helped me a lot along the way and I want to pay them back by helping others.

What else can I help you with?

- Pete

Thanks and keep in touch