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Right Hand Planning is a professional marketing agency that develops marketing strategies that help brands build traffic, leads and sales.


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A Long and Still Impartial List of What Constitutes SEO

Pete Semple

An excerpt from the much longer article, "White Hat SEO: It Works" by Randfish on SEOMOZ blog.

"I wrote a blog post back in 2007 highlighting why SEO is so hard. In it, I talked about the massive quantity of things that affect SEO and that number has only grown.

Today, a responsible SEO needs to be thinking about:

The business' overall product, marketing and sales strategy and where SEO makes the most sense.

  • Keyword research + targeting (a process that requires tools, patience, intuition, testing and experience)
  • Funnel optimization (CRO has both direct and indirect SEO impacts these days)
  • Testing + optimizing content for users (time on site, bounce rate, engagement, etc. all matter directly + indirectly, too)
  • Content strategy (which ties into overall business strategy at the highest levels)
  • On-page optimization (black hats were actually some of the earliest to notice that Google's gotten so much smarter about on-page analysis than just keyword use and repetition, so I'm sure Kris knows how in-depth this process can be)
  • Making the site search-engine friendly (a complex project even on many simple sites as features like faceted navigation, AJAX crawling, different treatment of Javascript/Flash and many, many more now exist)
  • XML Sitemaps (we recently gave a 90 minute webinar on this topic that generated dozens of questions; it's no fire-and-forget tactic)
  • Analytics - visitor monitoring is just the start, there's webmaster tools, link monitoring, brand/mention alerts, social media tracking and more
  • Alternative search listings (local/maps/places, video, images, news, blogs, shopping, etc. Just one of these can be a full-time job.)
  • Usability + user experience issues (since these can have a huge indirect and possibly direct impact on rankings)
  • Reputation tracking + management
  • Competitive research
  • Social media marketing (FB shares are the most highly correlated metric we found to Google's rankings. No SEO can afford to ignore social today, and that's a massive strategic and tactical undertaking)
  • Syndication, scraping, copyright and duplicate content issues

And hundreds of others."