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How to Add Click-to-Tweet Callout Quote in Your Blog Articles

Pete Semple

Have you ever seen pull quotes in an article that invite you to click and tweet the quote to your Twitter followers?

This is a "pull quote", and it's easy to make them tweetable!

It turns out there is an easy - and free - tool that allows you to do this. It even allows for tracking how many people tweet your message. 

Tweet:  There's a free tool that makes your content easy to tweet! via @RightHandPlan
"Tweet: There's a free tool that makes your content easy to tweet! via @RightHandPlan

Making pieces of your content easy to tweet is a great technique for getting people to share your content to social media allowing you to get more exposure.

The site is and there is a plugin for WordPress called, Better Click Tweet.

THE First Step In Online Marketing

Pete Semple


There are so many possible NEXT steps in online marketing – SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, local listings, paid advertising – that there are plenty of places to get caught up in “analysis paralysis”.

Luckily, however, the first step in marketing your business online is easy – it’s to look at your website and make sure it’s set up to achieve your goals and in a way that's clear and appealing to your visitors.

Here we examine two landing pages, one from Howard's Appliances and the other from the Redondo Beach Pier, to see what they did well and where they could improve.

Landing Pages and Conversions

The key to reaching your goals is to make it easy for your visitors to find what they're looking for.

Common Visitor/Shopper Goals:

  • Problem resolution
  • Product info
  • Company info
  • Model info
  • Price info

Typical Company Goals Are:

  • Make a sale
  • Phone call from customer
  • Data capture (email, phone number or other info) 
  • Schedule appointment
  • Customer download – Spec sheet, brochure, white paper, etc. 

Landing Pages - as Important as your Home Page

Remember, any page of your site could be a "landing page". The Home page might get the most traffic but if your site is designed well a visitor might enter on any page that has the topic they're most interested in. 

It’s essential that if you make the effort to drive visitors to your site, that you make it easy for them to stay and buy.

In the examples below we'll look at two landing pages and show why it's important to have all the right information displayed properly. 

Conversions - the only way to Marketing ROI

Before you spend money getting exposure and traffic you want to be sure people buy (or call) when they get to your site. Otherwise, any investment in marketing dollars is wasted and your marketing efforts will never achieve a positive ROI.


A lot of people overlook the need to re-examine their website before launching a marketing campaign. And if they don’t know website conversions are the problem, they can waste a lot of time diagnosing their marketing channels, strategies, ads and offers when the problem is the website experience. 

It’s essential that if you make the effort to drive visitors to your site, that  you make it easy for them to stay and buy.

A Clear Path for Customers, “Conversions” for You

From your visitors’ point of view, they want it to be clear what they’re supposed to do next when they arrive on a new page.

Let’s use this page page from from Howard's TV and Appliance as an example...


On this page about washing machines they have the product images front and center as well as several other menu options shown by the green arrows. They also offer the shopper views by:

  • Brand - Checkboxes along left side
  • Feature - Dropdown center left, "Top or Front Loader" 
  • Sort By - Dropdown center right "Our Picks" (other options: New Arrivals, Best Selling, Price, A-Z)
  • Wash Basket Material - Link bottom left, (porcelain shown)
  • Breadcrumbs - The little link in the upper left "home/laundry/washers/top load washers"

Shoppers can also change how they see the products displayed in the center from tiles (shown in picture) to a list with thumbnail photos on the left and the description to the right. 

Many Good Points on this page

There are a LOT of great options on this landing page to appeal to most types of shoppers:

  • Those who want visuals get photos front and center or the option to see a list
  • People looking for specific features or prices have several dropdown menus to choose from
  • And it's customizable yet the layout and options are clear and familiar

to Improve, add contact info


One thing missing from this landing page is contact information. Having a phone number at the top where we've put the red box could help make a sale.

A phone number at top could help close deals. For example, a customer might have a quick question about availability, store hours or delivery options before they're ready to buy. There's no reason to make them go searching for the phone number on additional information on another page or a competitor's site.

A live chat feature could also help capture shoppers who are one question away from buying. 

Another Very Good Landing Page 

The Redondo Beach Pier has a terrific landing page. It's colorful and shows the pier at sunset which is perfect for a tourist destination. 

But the clean, clear layout is what really stands out. The goals of this site would be get people to visit the pier with a secondary goal of trying to get them to sign up for the pier's mailing list.  

The way they have designed this site make it easy for visitors to meet their information goals and the pier to get email signups. 


Clear Brand Identity

The Layout is simple and well organized. The top tells you the site, the Redondo Beach Pier.

Easy Visitor Info

The tiled sections along the left are organized into the most likely information and events visitors are likely to be looking for:

  • Calendar
  • Dining
  • Family Fun
  • Happy Hour
  • Nightlife
  • Shopping

Standout Email Signup

At the right, just under a brief paragraph of text is the email sign up box. It stands out clearly with the white box and lighter color background.

It also has a clear call to action (CTA) that tells people what the thing of value they're going to get in exchange for their email address:

"Sign Up for Pier Promotions"

Is Your Landing Page Set Up For Conversions?

Look at your website - is each page set up for easy, fast conversions?

Does a customer see right away what they’re looking for and is it easy and clear for them to take the next step?

Do you want help with ideas how on how to make it better? 

Give us a call for a free consultation at (424) 237-8155 about your website layout and online marketing strategies. 

Bodybuilder Has Pumped Up Marketing Tactics

Pete Semple

I'm not big into bodybuilding. In fact, I'm happy when I get to the gym more than once a week. But I did go online recently to learn a little more about building the muscles in the upper chest.

Legion Athletics' site came up near the top of Google with a long article by Mike Matthews discussing exactly what I was looking for related to chest muscles and exercises.

His article had all the hallmarks of good content:

  • Knowledgeable (authoritative) 
  • Full of helpful and practical information
  • Overdelivers by going above and beyond basic answers to the original search query.

It addressed information I didn't know I was lacking such as:

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Sizzling Pad Thai Video

Pete Semple

Bangkok Thailand

A friend from Bangkok Thailand sent us a video via WhatsApp. We didn't know what the subject was but from the beginning you can see it's about the famous dish Pad Thai.  

Upbeat music and quick-shot editing of colorful scenes grab you from the start and take you on a culinary journey. You're on the water, in a crowded market, at a fancy restaurant, helicoptering over the jungle...

Who knew there was so much to know about Pad Thai and it that it could be so exciting?

Viral Video Sneak

Only toward the end did we start to suspect this video's about more than Pad Thai. But we weren't resentful over a bait-and-switch promotion, we wanted to know more.


Why It Works

Why does this video works so well? Here are a few ideas:

  • Relatable yet intriguing topic - a food video on a familiar yet foreign dish
  • Beautiful imagery
  • Fun and fast-paced
  • Interestingly informative
  • Shareable - high viral potential
  • Soft sell

Did you know the real promotion before the end?

Local Restaurant Makes Great Viral Video - Of Burglary?

Pete Semple

A day after being broken into and having their cash drawers stolen a local restaurant "Frijoles & Frescas Grilled Tacos" in Las Vegas, NV created this brilliant video using surveillance footage of the crime in progress. 

The Marketing Lessons Are:

  • Builds their brand as a light-hearted business who turns to their community in a fun way in a time of need
  • Focuses on their product - these guys really want Frijoles & Frescas tacos!
  • Creates a unique and shareable form of content that makes you want to support them as victims who took matters into their own hands
  • By responding quickly the video has a timely, "newsiness" quality, which makes people want to share it more if they think it will help the business catch the bad guys
  • Added Bonus - Helps police identify the criminals by getting the content shared widely


So how is it working? From the top comments on Facebook it looks like it's having the desired effect of making people want to try their tacos and reinforcing the owner's fun personality

Your Content Is Your Brand

Pete Semple

Below is an interesting item from an article in ShutterStock about new marketing terms for 2016, "10 Up-and-Coming Marketing Terms You Need to Know".

What really stood out to us is how you can no longer separate your brand from your content and vice versa. Here's # 2 from their list, "Content Brand":

2. Content Brand
Content marketing is no longer a suggested marketing approach; if you aren’t creating original, useful, and interesting content for your users, then your brand will be left behind. 

The future of content marketing means...
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