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Bodybuilder Has Pumped Up Marketing Tactics

Pete Semple

I'm not big into bodybuilding. In fact, I'm happy when I get to the gym more than once a week. But I did go online recently to learn a little more about building the muscles in the upper chest.

Legion Athletics' site came up near the top of Google with a long article by Mike Matthews discussing exactly what I was looking for related to chest muscles and exercises.

His article had all the hallmarks of good content:

  • Knowledgeable (authoritative) 
  • Full of helpful and practical information
  • Overdelivers by going above and beyond basic answers to the original search query.

It addressed information I didn't know I was lacking such as:

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Sizzling Pad Thai Video

Pete Semple

Bangkok Thailand

A friend from Bangkok Thailand sent us a video via WhatsApp. We didn't know what the subject was but from the beginning you can see it's about the famous dish Pad Thai.  

Upbeat music and quick-shot editing of colorful scenes grab you from the start and take you on a culinary journey. You're on the water, in a crowded market, at a fancy restaurant, helicoptering over the jungle...

Who knew there was so much to know about Pad Thai and it that it could be so exciting?

Viral Video Sneak

Only toward the end did we start to suspect this video's about more than Pad Thai. But we weren't resentful over a bait-and-switch promotion, we wanted to know more.


Why It Works

Why does this video works so well? Here are a few ideas:

  • Relatable yet intriguing topic - a food video on a familiar yet foreign dish
  • Beautiful imagery
  • Fun and fast-paced
  • Interestingly informative
  • Shareable - high viral potential
  • Soft sell

Did you know the real promotion before the end?

Local Restaurant Makes Great Viral Video - Of Burglary?

Pete Semple

A day after being broken into and having their cash drawers stolen a local restaurant "Frijoles & Frescas Grilled Tacos" in Las Vegas, NV created this brilliant video using surveillance footage of the crime in progress. 

The Marketing Lessons Are:

  • Builds their brand as a light-hearted business who turns to their community in a fun way in a time of need
  • Focuses on their product - these guys really want Frijoles & Frescas tacos!
  • Creates a unique and shareable form of content that makes you want to support them as victims who took matters into their own hands
  • By responding quickly the video has a timely, "newsiness" quality, which makes people want to share it more if they think it will help the business catch the bad guys
  • Added Bonus - Helps police identify the criminals by getting the content shared widely


So how is it working? From the top comments on Facebook it looks like it's having the desired effect of making people want to try their tacos and reinforcing the owner's fun personality

Your Content Is Your Brand

Pete Semple

Below is an interesting item from an article in ShutterStock about new marketing terms for 2016, "10 Up-and-Coming Marketing Terms You Need to Know".

What really stood out to us is how you can no longer separate your brand from your content and vice versa. Here's # 2 from their list, "Content Brand":

2. Content Brand
Content marketing is no longer a suggested marketing approach; if you aren’t creating original, useful, and interesting content for your users, then your brand will be left behind. 

The future of content marketing means...
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Great Content Marketing Example

Pete Semple

Here's a short video showing interesting results from a study on procrastination. Read below for how it serves as a great content marketing example.

How Is It Content Marketing for Insurance?

It's an interesting video. And it's a GREAT example of content marketing from Prudential. There's nothing in the video itself about Prudential or buying financial planning services or insurance.

The topic of procrastination is only tangentially related to insurance and financial services in that they are products and services many consumers put off buying.

What Makes It Effective

It's on a subject almost everyone can relate to, procrastination. It's brief, informative, entertaining and well produced. Quite shareable too.

Remember toward the end of the video where there are blue screens with text describing the process and results of the study?

Did you notice that the blue color and font are the same as the Prudential brand? Subtle. And then the last title slide openly promotes the company and products.


It would be interesting to know if it worked as a marketing tool. It would certainly seem to raise awareness that Prudential sells investments and insurance, which might be their goal. Will it sell policies? Only they know...

Content Marketing Isn't Surgery or a Shotgun Approach, It's Consumer-Based

Pete Semple

Cesar Milan Site Content Marketing
Cesar Milan Site Content Marketing

This is a great article from, "How Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan Learned New Tricks for His Website" about how a content marketing approach to site traffic and sales can be used to deliver the right content to the right user at the right time. We don't know anything about the Searchlight product mentioned in the article, but the overall approach to content marketing they talk about is one we also believe in.

“You can’t reach everybody with paid ads. You need to find ways to get into the target customer’s buying process earlier and to engage them across different channels with great content at key stages of the buyer’s journey.”